If you are interested in getting a blue blazer please fill out the order form and forward it to National Headquarters. You might first want to check with National about the availablity and cost as there have been some delays recently due to problems with the supplier.

The blazers are made up to the closest size from the information on the form attached. In some cases some slight alterations may be necessary.

Once the form is filled out it is to be returned to the CAVUNP National Headquaters and then will be sent to the supplier as a total package.

The bottom line is, as our National President quoted "membership is the important thing, uniformity is secondary". The Blue Blazer has become very popular among members and they do stand out at a social function, giving talks to students at schools or special groups that request you to speak on issues. As well, they look sharp on parade and become a great conversation piece.

Click here for a Acrobat version of the Measurement/Order Form

In the Service of Peace

CAVUNP National Headquarters:
PO Box 46026
2339 Ogilvie Road
Gloucester Ontario
K1J 9M7