These By-Laws are set forth to outline and expand upon the General By-Laws of the Association, as detailed, at the time of the incorporation and any amendments herin after duly enacted thereto

The fiscal year of the LGen RR Crabbe Chapter is the calender year, ending December 31



1.01 This Chapter shall be known and designated as the LGen RR Crabbe Chapter of the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping. Please be advised that the CAVUNP National By-Laws shall take precedence over the By-Laws of the LGen RR Crabbe Chapter CAVUNP.

1.02 The LGen RR Crabbe Chapter is situated in the City of Winnipeg, within the boundries of the Province of Manitoba, in the Western Region of the Association, as incorporated as a Canadian Chapter of the Association and identified in the Association's By-Laws.

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2.01 The General Meeting of the Chapter shall be the organization for the carrying out of its activities in connection with the welfare of ex-service men and women, and the social and comradeship of the Chapter and for the advancement of the aims and objects of the Chapter within the limits of, and subject to, the Act of Incorporation of the general By-Laws of the Canadian Association Of Veterans In United Nations Peace-Keeping National By-Laws.

1. A regular General meeting shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month except July, August and December.
2. Elections of Officers shall take place at the November meeting.
3. The executive Committee shall meet at the call of the chairman.

2.02 OPENING OF MEETING - At the hour appointed, the president shall call the meeting to order and preside. In the absence or disability of the President, if there is no Vice President present, the recording secretary calls the meeting to order and presides, pending the election of a temporary presiding officer.

2.03 QUORUM - At the meeting of the Chapter, whether special or general, the quorum shall be notwithstanding the majority vote of the members present providing that the membership was given at least 10 days notice of the meeting.

2.04 INITIATION - every member whenever possible should be initiated at a general meeting or a special meeting called upon for this purpose. Membership cards, pins and badges should be handed out at a general meeting and the new member welcomed by the general body. In the case of new membership the secretary or other official authorized for that purpose will issue a receipt for the money received for membership.

2.05 ORDER OF BUSINESS - The following shall be the order of business. (The Chairman has the privilege of changing these according to conditions appropriate at the time.):

  1. Call to order by the Chairman.
  2. Opening Ceremony.
  3. Ensure all members have signed in.
  4. Minutes of last General and Executive Meetings.
  5. Financial Report.
  6. Correspondence.
  7. Report of Special Committees.
  8. Notice of Motion.
  9. Unfinished Business.
  10. New Business and Welfare of the Chapter.
  11. Adjournment and Closing Ceremony.


  1. Nomination for the officers and executive members for the ensuing term, shall be received at both the October and November General Meeting. Those nominated are allowed to decline at either or both meetings. Nominees must be in attendance, or have a letter submitted to the Chapter indicating his or her acceptance of the nomination, at the meeting when nominated. Those wishing to decline must be in attendance or decline by letter. The letter can be accepted between meetings.

  2. Members eligible to hold office may be nominated for all positions and if elected the member's name shall be dropped from all junior positions to which he/she had been elected.

  3. A member is required to hold membership in the Chapter for a period of one full year immediately preceding the election and to have attended at least 50% of the monthly meetings preceding the election, to be eligible for election to the Chapter Executive.

  4. Positions in order of seniority are as follows: President, 1st Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, Immediate Past President and then Executive Members (If required).

  5. An executive member shall be allowed to let his or her name stand for an officer's position without relinquishing his or her position as an executive member. If elected, his or her position as an executive member will be awarded following election procedures covered by these bylaws.

  6. An officer shall be allowed to let his or her name stand for a senior officer's position as defined in Article 2.06 para 3 without relinquishing his or her junior position. If elected, the vacated officer's position to be awarded following election procedures covered by these bylaws.

  7. The president shall appoint an elections chairman and scrutineer to preside over the elections.

  8. Officers and Executives will be elected on the basis of the person with the largest number of votes declared elected.

  9. When a ballot is being distributed, the doors will be titled and no person shall be allowed into the meeting. Once ballots are collected, members shall be allowed entrance and to participate in subsequent ballots. This to apply also in the case of tie votes necessitating further ballots on the same position.

  10. Every ordinary member in good standing is entitled to vote. If more than two candidates are nominated for one office the name of the candidate receiving the least number of votes shall be dropped on each succeeding ballot until two names remain, unless on any ballot one candidate received a majority of votes cast, then he shall be declared elected to that office.

  11. Chapter officers and members of the executive shall take office and assume their duties and functions, on the first day of the new year and shall be installed, in accordance with the ritual on or before that date.

  12. All officers and members of the executive committee shall be elected for a two year term.

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3.01 Officers shall be elected by ballot bi-annually and the Chapter executive shall consist of a President, 1st Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the Past President, and such officers and executive members as the Chapter Membership may from time to time determine.

In recognition of the fact that any Chapter can have only one President and all other affiliates, groups, social organizations, sports clubs, etc., under the banner of the LGen RR Crabbe Chapter shall govern themselves according to these By-Laws and to the General By-Laws of CAVUNP National.

3.02 The executive at their first meeting following the January General Meeting shall appoint a Chaplain, Sergeant-at-arms and such other committees and appointments as may be required.

3.03 Auditors who shall constitute the audit committee, shall be appointed at the November Executive meeting for the ensuring year and they shall audit the books of the Chapter at least once a year, but no member of the Executive committee or a salaried officer of the branch shall be eligible for such appointment.

3.04 Vacancies Officer's Position and Executive Committee.

  1. 1st Vice President will fill the vacancy of President for the remainder of the term of office.

  2. The office of the 1st Vice President shall be filled at the first general meeting following the general meeting at which the vacancy was announced. Nominations shall be taken from the floor of this meeting and an immediate election shall be held by secret ballot-the person with the largest number of votes will be declared elected.

  3. Any vacancy on the executive committee occurring during the year, shall be filled by election following this procedure: "An executive member shall be allowed to let his or her name stand for an officer's position without relinquishing his or her position as an executive member."

  4. Positions in order of seniority are as follows: President 1st Vice President Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and then executive members if required.

3.05 Absentee Executive Officers: Should any member of the executive Committee be absent without notice from three consecutive meetings of either the Executive Committee or the Chapter without cause or satisfactory excuse, such member shall automatically cease to hold office. Such member's place on the Executive Committee shall be filled by election following the procedure described in these by-laws. A record of the attendance of all Executive Officers at meetings both Executive and General shall be reported at the November General Meeting

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4.01 President - The President shall preside at all General Meetings and enforce order and strict observance of the By-Laws. He shall exercise a general supervision and control over the officers and business of the Chapter and shall call meetings of the Executive Committee, when he considers it advisable.

4.02 Vice- President - In the absence or disability of the President, all the rights and powers vested in the President shall, for the time being, be vested in the 1st Vice President. In the absence or disability of both the President and 1st Vice President the Secretary shall postpone meetings until such time as the President or Vice- President is available

4.03 The officers shall constitute the Finance Committee with the President or another Officer appointed or another Officer appointed by the President to act as chairman.

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5.01 The chairman of the standing committees of the Chapter shall be appointed by the Executive except as otherwise provided, and from the elected Executive members as otherwise provided. Such Committees are as follows:

  1. Finance (see Article 4.03)
  2. Entertainment
  3. Sports
  4. Membership
  5. Resolutions and By-Laws
  6. Publicity
  7. Service Officer
  8. Hospital Sick and Visiting
  9. Special Events
  10. Special Projects
  11. Sgt-At-Arms
  12. Honours and Awards

*Appointments may be made by the Executive of a member who is NOT an executive member. The chairman is expected to attend all executive meetings to report and can take part in discussions but has no right to vote.

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6.01 Finance - This committee shall keep itself informed as to the financial standing of the branch. It shall scrutinize the monthly accounts and make such recommendation in regard to expenditures for the welfare and comfort of the members of the Chapter. It shall also recommend the annual dues for membership.

6.02 Entertainment and Social - This committee shall have charge of all regular established dance programs special events to raise funds. The chairman of this committee shall also act as co-chairman of the special events committee.

6.03 Sports - This committee shall endeavour to create an interest in all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports amongst the members.

6.04 Membership - This committee shall endeavour to get in touch with ex-service men and women and other eligible veterans with a view to obtaining their application for membership. It shall review all applications for membership and report on same to the Executive Committee and to the General Meeting of the Chapter. The chairman shall assist the Sgt-at-Arms presenting the candidates for initiation. (Depending upon the size of our membership and the need for an initiation program)

6.05 Resolutions and By-Laws - This committee shall draw up suitable By-Laws and rules for the Chapter and make recommendations or any necessary amendments required, subject to the National By-Laws of CAVUNP.

6.06 Publicity - This committee shall be responsible fore all publicity pertaining to the proceedings and activities of the Chapter.

6.07 Service Officer - This committee shall be for the purpose of considering the difficulties which members on pension are facing and acting thereon, and also for the purpose of assisting veterans in becoming rehabilitated to civilian life, and passing on to Regional and National for attention, such cases as merit immediate attention, and also deal with the righting of injustice to the widows and dependents of veterans.

6.08 Sick and Visiting - This committee shall visit sick comrades in their homes or in hospital and other institutions. They shall assist in every way possible to promote their well-being and co-operate with all other organizations that the member may be involved in. The Chaplain should be informed of any person that is sick at home, the hospital or has become deceased.

6.09 Honours and Awards Committee - This committee shall be composed of the President and all Past Presidents with the immediate past president acting as chairman. This committee shall receive and consider requests for the honouring of fellow veterans who in the past have worked for or have furthered the CAVUNP cause in this Chapter. Such Honours are for exceptional and outstanding performance of duties to CAVUNP above that which is expected of one's membership. All awards being presented for consideration to the general meeting by this committee or an individual member must be accompanied by a written citation before any consideration of such an award can be entertained.

All awards must be voted on individually and if the member being considered for such an award is present, he or she must leave the meeting until a decision is reached.

6.10 Special Events - This committee shall have charge of all other entertainment in the Chapter and the chairman of this committee shall be responsible to the Entertainment Committee.

6.11 Special Projects - This committee will receive and report to the executive requests for financial donations from organizations outside of our jurisdiction, with there recommendations to the general meeting.

6.12 Sergeant-at-Arms shall attend all general and special meetings and shall have charge of the meeting place under the direction of the Presiding Officer. He shall arrange details of all parades and take charge of it. He shall be in charge of candidates for initiation assisted by the membership committee chairman. He shall be the custodian of the Colours. He shall act generally under the supervision of the President and have the power to select committees to assist him as the occasion requires and to appoint his Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms. The Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms will assist the Sergeant-at-Arms and in his absence assume all duties responsibilities of the office.

6.13 Public Relations - Shall act as Public Relations Officer for the Chapter in dispensing of material to the media.

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7.01 The Executive Committee shall have full jurisdiction over the Branch affairs when the Chapter is not in session save as other wise provided by the General By-Laws of the National CAVUNP.

7.02 The general membership shall vote in a Secretary and Treasurer or a Secretary-Treasurer whose duties shall be:

  1. have the authority to certify as to authenticity of chapter documents; attend to correspondence, maintain membership records, and do all such other clerical work as the executive committee may determine;

  2. to keep an accurate account of all monies received and disbursed; shall cause to be deposited Chapter funds in a chartered bank to be determined by the executive committee, and at times established by the Officers. This account to be kept in the name of the Chapter, and from time to time, to open and close out accounts which are necessary for carrying out the financial activities of the Chapter.

7.03 All cheques issued by the Chapter shall be signed by such officers or members as the Executive Committee may authorize for that purpose.

7.04 The treasurer may with a majority vote of the executive committee agree to a payment or commitment to pay up to and including $200.00 and report it to the executive as information for audit purposes only. Expenditures of these amounts recommended by the executive to the general meeting will be subject to debate and motions, but if none received will be considered adopted on the motion to accept the executive minutes. Motions from the floor on expenditures of those amounts will be subject to a majority vote of the members present. Above applicable present, except as provided for in Clause 6 of this section.

7.05 All expenditures over $200.00 shall not be undertaken until the full details have been studied by the Executive Committee and a report submitted there on to a Regular or Special meeting of the Chapter; and then endorsed by a majority of the members present except as provided in Clause 6 of this section.

7.06 The provisions contained in clause 4 and 5 shall not apply to funds raised directly from their own members for special events such as trips social events and placed in the Chapter general funds shall be held solely for that event. If that event is changed or cancelled then must go to the general body for approval.

7.07 Representatives to Annual General Meetings (AGM), the number attending and expenditures necessitated by same to be subject to the provisions of section 7 item (6) and to be submitted to a General or Special Meeting at least two months before AGM date. The representative to the AGM will be the Chapter President. In the event the President is unable to attend, he will be replaced by a member in good standing as decided by the general body. In the event that no one is able to attend the AGM meeting, the Chapter will nominate a member who will, with his written permission, allow his name to stand for nomination of Provincial Director.

AGMs are to be held every 2 years.(even years)

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Standing Committees shall report to the executive and all recommendations and motions arising there from shall be reported in the Executive Minutes at the General Meeting.

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The Executive Committee may from time to time appoint from among their numbers such sub-committees as they deem necessary or expedient and may depute or refer to them such of the powers and duties of the committee shall periodically report their proceedings to the Executive Committee and these By- laws and rules of procedure for Chapter meetings.

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10.01 Every voting member in good standing is entitled to vote regardless of the subject matter of the motion.

10.02 Voting at Meetings - The presiding officers shall, when debate has ceased on any question, put the same to an open vote, giving the words of any motion or resolution clearly, so that no member may misunderstand the question on which he is about to vote. In the event, however, of a two-thirds majority of the members present demanding a secret ballot on any particular question, such question shall be decided by a secret ballot.

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11.01 Members shall not hold private discussions during the meeting or talk on any subject in an unseemly manner. In matters not provided for in these by-laws, all meetings shall be conducted on parliamentary lines and the rules of procedure for Chapter meetings.

11.02 When a question is before the meeting no motions shall be in order except:

  1. to postpone indefinitely;
  2. to amend;
  3. to commit and refer;
  4. to postpone to a certain time;
  5. to previous question;
  6. to lay on the table;
  7. to adjourn;

and shall have precedence in the order stated

  • Nos. 2, 3 and 4 maybe amended;
  • Nos. 1, 5, 6 and 7 cannot be amended
  • No 5 requires two-thirds majority;
  • Nos.5, 6 and 7 not debatable.

11.03 Two-Thirds Majority Vote of Members Voting - 39 members vote when the motion is put, it would require 26 affirmative votes to carry.

11.04 Majority of Members Voting - If 40 members vote when the motion is put, it would require 21 affirmative votes to carry.

11.05 At all meetings where a vote may be required, the Sergeant-at-Arms shall list separately voting and non-voting members.

11.06 The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order (newly revised) shall govern the Chapter in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistant with these By-Laws and any special rules of order the Chapter may adopt.

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When there has been a notice sent to members specifying the business of a meeting or where notice of motion has been given at a previous meeting, the business of which notice has been given shall have the right of way and be dealt with immediately after submission of General and Executive minutes.

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When business arises of which no advance notice has been given, the presiding officer may, if he considers it is in the best interest of the Chapter, adjourn to the next meeting the debate of such question.

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The first named member of any Special Committee shall be convener to call the committee together when a chairman shall be elected, a majority of any committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

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Every member of the Chapter shall from time to time communicate to the secretary his address, and his address and all notices posted to such address shall be considered as having been duly given on the day following the date of posting.

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The annual General Financial Meeting shall be held during the general monthly meeting of March.

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17.01 Membership in the Chapter shall be in accordance with the General By-Laws of the National CAVUNP. Membership in the LGen RR Crabbe Chapter is a privilege, not a right, and therefore it is subject to the provisions of the Chapter and the General By-Laws of the Association

17.02 Except as set forth in the Chapter of the Association, or in it's By-Laws as they are from time to time amended, there shall be three (3) categories of membership in the Association, namely:

  1. Ordinary Members
  2. Associate Members
  3. Honorary Members

17.03 To become a member of the Association, one must become a member of the Chapter, therefore when applying for membership, the application form supplied by the Association shall be used. All applicants shall be sponsored by an Ordinary Member in good standing.

17.04 The criteria for each of the three (3) categories of membership shall be adhered as stated in the general By-Laws of the Association, with no exception.

17.05 All members of the LGen RR Crabbe Chapter must be willing and able to accept the obligations set forth in the Charter of the Association and it's By-Laws and any amendments herein after duly enacted.

17.06 Dues for membership in the LGen RR Crabbe Chapter are payable by the last day of January of the renewal year.

17.07 Dues shall be payable in accordance with the General By-Laws of the National CAVUNP. Members in arrears of dues shall be dealt with in accordance with the National By-Laws of CAVUNP.

17.08 Membership dues can only be increased when a majority of the membership of the LGen RR Crabbe Chapter votes in favour of the increase.

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18.01 Any member may withdraw his membership by submitting to the Chapter Secretary, his resignation in writing and paying all arrears of dues and other charges properly made against him or her.

18.02 Any Officer or Executive Member resigning must submit his resignation in writing to the Chapter secretary.

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19.01 In any matter affecting the Chapter and not provided for in these by-laws and rules or regulations made thereunder, the Executive Committee shall have the authority to act thereon and any such action shall be binding on the member or members except where such authority is contrary to the provision of the National By-Laws of CAVUNP.

19.02 Wherever the singular and masculine are used throughout these By-Laws, the same shall be construed as meaning the plural or the feminine.

19.03 The catchwords or heading of these articles shall not be taken as part thereof or in any manner affect the interpretation or construction of same.

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The presiding officer at any meeting shall enforce order and strict observance of these By-Laws of the General By-Laws of the National Office of CAVUNP, and shall have the right to decide all questions of order subject to an appeal to a meeting sustained by two-thirds vote of eligible members present and the rules of procedure for Chapter meetings.

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21.01 All complaints and appeals shall be dealt with in accordance with the General By-laws of CAVUNP.

21.02 Any member or guest at a function put on by CAVUNP whose conduct is such as to necessitate their forceful removal from the clubrooms, or have been CUT-OFF and refuses to leave after a reasonable time (not to exceed 15 minutes) from the time of being ordered to do so, or who knowingly supplies an alcoholic beverage to a person who has been cut-off, shall be deemed to constitute grounds to warrant temporary suspension of the member by the president under the General By-Laws of CAVUNP. A report will be submitted to the chairman of the grievance committee who will arrange a hearing as provided for in the By-Laws of CAVUNP.

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The presiding officer of any meeting shall rule out of order all matters pertaining to political or religious questions which do not refer to the well being of the members of LGen RR Crabbe Chapter CAVUNP.

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Whenever the Chapter desires to possess or acquire by purchase, lease, exchange, or to devise, bequest, endow or otherwise deal with any real property necessary or useful for the carrying out of its purposes and objects, the Chapter may sell, lease, mortgage, pledge, hypothecate, or alienate such property only upon a two thirds majority of voting members present, and eligible to vote at a meeting called to consider such action. All members of the Chapter whether voting on such resolution or not, shall be deemed to have assented to the same as if they had voted in favor of such resolution.

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24.01 These By-Laws shall not be amended except by a Notice of Motion of which notice has been given at the previous General Meeting to the one at which the amendment is to be considered. A two-thirds majority of voting members present, and entitled to vote, is required to make such amendments effective.

24.02 Any amendment to these By-Laws shall not become effective until approved by a majority vote of the LGen RR Crabbe Chapter of CAVUNP.

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These By-Laws shall take effect on passing thereof and shall supercede all previous By-Laws of the Chapter not consistent herewith, but the passing of these by-laws shall not invalidate any act, matter or thing made or done under or by virtue of any By-Laws passed prior to the adoption hereof.

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26.01 If at any time a resolution of the Chapter should be presented, such resolution shall not be presented for discussion until every voting member of the Chapter in good standing has been notified by mail at his last known address. Such notice to be sent not less than ten days before the meeting has been called to discuss such resolution in accordance with the National CAVUNP by-laws.

26.02 The property of Chapter shall not be sold, leased, mortgaged, pledged, or otherwise alienated in any manner whatsoever unless it is so resolved by a two-thirds majority vote of the voting members present at such a meeting called to deal with this matter

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OF THE LGen RR Crabbe Chapter, CAVUNP.