As a national Association that has chosen to wear an identifying standard of dress on appropriate occasions, it is essential that all members are aware of what constitutes the dress and when it will be worn. It is not mandatory for a member of CAVUNP to have the Association blue blazer to maintain their membership. The Chapter President is responsible to maintain the standard of dress and to determine what will be worn and when.

Standard Dress
chapter dress

To be worn: on all occasions as directed by the Chapter President.

Consists of UN blue beret with the current pattern CAVUNP cap badge, light blue single-breasted light blue blazer with the CAVUNP pocket crest on the left breast pocket, white shirt with navy-blue tie, navy blue trousers or skirt, black shoes. On the left lapel, the CAVUNP membership pin will be worn. CAVUNP long service pins will be worn next to the membership pin.


  1. Members who are now wearing the CAVUNP small cap badge with the white disk on the beret may continue to do so.
  2. Only one CAVUNP Long Service pin will be worn on the left lapel, showing the highest number of years of membership.
  3. Members who have not acquired the standard light blue blazer shall wear the CAVUNP membership pin on the tie, between the 4th and 5th buttons of the shirt from the top of the shirt.
  4. The only medals to be worn on the left breast are those approved by the Government of Canada.
  5. Two private purchase medals have been approved for wear on the right breast; the Noble Prize for Peacekeeping Commemorative and the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Commemorative. These commemorative medals are not approved for wear by the Government of Canada because they are private purchase therefore they will not be mounted with Canadian-approved medals.
  6. Service medals of other organizations, such as the Royal Canadian Legion and the Korea Veterans Association, will not be worn.


To be worn: during the summer and fall seasons as directed by the Chapter President.

Consists of UN blue beret with current pattern CAVUNP cap badge (see note 1 above), white short sleeve shirt with shoulder epaulets and two breast pockets with pocket flaps, navy blue trousers and black shoes. Shirt will be worn open at the neck. On the epaulets will be worn UN blue slip-ons with embroidered C.A.V.U.N.P titles at the base of the slip-ons. On the left breast above the pocket flap will be worn a medal ribbon bar showing the honours and awards and other medals which the member is entitled to wear. Above the ribbon bar may be worn one CF metal hazardous skill badge, e.g.: parachute wing, aircrew wing, to which the member is entitled. On the right breast will be worn the member's name tag in the standard pattern of the Chapter. On the right pocket flap, centered between the button hole and the right outside edge will be worn the CAVUNP membership pin and one CAVUNP long service pin.


  1. The UN blue neck scarf may be worn, with the permission of the Chapter President.
  2. If wearing a narrow pattern black waist belt, a silver buckle with the CAVUNP badge or former Service, Corps or regimental badge on it may be worn.
  3. The shoulder slip-on will be similar in size and fabric to the current CF pattern slip-on, 108 mm long. The embroidered letters CAVUNP will be 10 mm high in dark blue thread. Provision will be a Chapter responsibility.


When parading with other veterans or service organizations, the Chapter President will determine the parade dress through liaison with the other parading organizations or designated Parade Commander, and will inform the Chapter members of the correct CAVUNP order of dress to be worn on the parade.